Hello Blair Road Families,

Welcome to Blair Road P.S.! We have posted some useful information to families who are new to Blair Road P.S. Please open the attachments below.

Our School day has 2 breaks of 40 minutes in length for eating and it is easier for Kindergartens to have their food packed as #1 and #2, indicating what you’d like them to eat at first break, 11:25 and then second break at 2:05. It will depend on how much your child eats for breakfast, and my marking lunch containers with a #1 and #2 this will help.

Healthy Eating Tips for the Balanced School Day

Preparing for Kindergarten learning skills

Preparing For Kindergarten summer fun

Your child will need a pair of indoor shoes, with their name written in them, these will stay at school. They will also need a “just in case bag” with an extra full set of clothes, “just incase” they have an accident, either at the water table or of the bathroom variety. Please label clothes.

In August you will receive a letter in the mail, indicating your short visit interview date and time the first week of school. Kindergartens do a staggered entry and start in small  groups. If you have any questions please call the school office at 519-621-5620 and ask for our secretary Ms. Sandra Spurgeon.